Carsharing is here to stay was acquired by the world-leading carsharing company Getaround and will now be a part of a global network of shared cars. Together, we are committed to our mission of improving mobility around the globe: less unused cars and less pollution.

We will make carsharing bigger, smarter, and available for everyone!

Nabobil + Getaround

What it means for Nabobil’s car owners


You can keep renting out your car though the Nabobil app. We will offer keyless technology in your car for free, which will make the car more available and the rental experience seamless!

Soon will be a part of a global network and car owners in Norway can rent out their cars to people travelling to Norway from everywhere.

What it means for Nabobil’s renters


You can keep renting cars through Nabobil’s app.


Access to a global network of shared cars.

  • 8 countries
    in Europe and the US

  • 300+ cities
    in Europe and the US

  • 11 000+
    connected cars


Will change names to Getaround? will remain for now.

Will I still be able to use the Nabobil app?

Yes, you can keep using the Nabobil app.

Do I have to download the Getaround app?

No, you can continue to use the Nabobil app. But if you would like to rent a car in Europe or the US you should download the Getaround app!

Will the prices change?

No, the prices will remain the same and still be set by the car owners.

Will the insurance be affected?

No, all rentals will still be covered by If Skadeforsikring

Can I book a car in Europe or the US through the Nabobil app?

No. If you would like to book a car in Europe or the US you will need to download the Getaround app.

Do all car owners have to install keyless technology in their cars? will invest a great deal in getting as many connected cars as possible, but you will still be able to rent out your car the “old fashioned way”.

Will the customer support team still be talking Norwegian?

Yes, the customer support team here in Oslo will still be providing the same, high quality support that has been a part of our service since we started back in 2015.

Can renters from outside the Nordic countries book my car when travelling to Norway?

Renters from the Nordics can already book cars on our platform. Eventually, renters from all over the world can rent your car when travelling to Norway.