Insurance deductible

As a renter you are legally responsible for paying the insurance deductible if the car is damaged during the rental. Note that you will be charged one deductible per incident. 

Overview of the deductible the renter is responsible for: 

  • Hull damages                 12 000 NOK
  • Liability                           12 000 NOK
  • Fire/theft                         12 000 NOK
  • Glass damages               2 500 NOK

The owner of the car is not responsible for the deductible. 

Deductible reduction

If you want to reduce the deductible you can do this when you pay for the car. When paying for the car you will get three options: 

  • 12 000 NOK deductible (standard, costs 0,- NOK)
  • 6000 NOK deductible (100 kr per day for ordinary cars, 120 kr per day for vans)
  • 2000 NOK deductible (150 kr per day for ordinary cars, 200 kr per day for vans)

NB! If the kost of repairing the car is lower then the deductible you will only be charged for the cost of repair.

You can chose to reduce the deductible amount up until you pick up the car.

(This is a simple translation of the insurance agreements terms and conditions. We have explained it only so that our english speaking users have more insight into their economic responsibility. If there is any discrepancy between the explanation here and the insurance agreement, the understanding in the insurance agreement will stand)