The renters responsibilities

If the car is damaged 

If you damage the car during the rental you have to fill out a accident report. It is important that you fill out the damage report as soon as possible after the incident. 


Refilling fuel

The renter is responsible for returning the car with same amount of fuel as when the picked up the car. When the renter picks up and returns the car they register the fuel level on a continuum from 0% -100%.  For every 10% they do not refill they will be charged 100 NOK(gas and diesel).

E.g: If the renter picks up the car with fuel levels at 100% and returns it with fuel levels a 0% they will be charged 1000 NOK. reserves the right to charge the renter for fuel if it turns out they have not refilled the fuel tank and we are sent documentation that confirms this by the owner.

Cleaning the car 

The renter is responsible for returning the car in the same condition as when they picked it up. Returning the car in the same condition includes not leaving garbage in the car and that you pay for parking tickets. This also includes washing the car if the car has gotten dirty during the rental. 

Smoking is prohibited in the cars available for rent at and pets are not permitted unless this is explicitly stated by the owner. reserves the right to charge the renter if the car is not cleaned when it is returned.

- Exterior wash up to 300,- NOK
- Interior wash up to 300,- NOK

For the renters safety we can not charge the renter for this without proper documentation of the expenses.


Snow tires

From November 1st to April 8th you have to pay an extra fee for driving with snow tires in Oslo county. There are several cars on that have snow tires and it is important that the renter pays for these fees when they drive in Oslo.

In some cases the owner has already paid for the fee so we reccomend asking the owner about this before the rental starts.  

You can find more information regarding snow tire fees here: