For car owners

  • My private insurance policy has a mileage limit. Can I still hire out my vehicle?

    If there is an annual mileage limit on your usual insurance policy (making the insurance cheaper for cars used less often), make sure that hiring out your car will not lead to the mileage limit being exceeded. If this is the case you can contact your insurance provider to increase the mileage limit. 

    For those who insure their car through If Insurance you can now be credited for the kilometres driven by your renters on Nabobil. Meaning that you do not have to increase the mileage limit due to renting out you car on Nabobil. You have to be able to share documentation for the kilometres driven during rentals in case an accident occurs and the car has surpassed the mileage limit. You can find a summary of the distance travelled during your rentals in your profile.

    If you use a different insurance provider we encourage you to ask if they are willing to credit the kilometers from Nabobil to you personal insurance. 

  • Will my personal insurance be affected in case of any damages?

    Your car is insured by If Insurance during the rental period on If an accident should happen this will not in any way effect your insurance or insurance bonus.

    If there is an accident the renter bears the cost of the deductible, you will not have any expenses if your car is damaged during a rental on