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  • Price and included mileage

    Price for renting a car 

    After you have  chosen where and at what time you would like to rent a car in our search engine you will see all the available cars and the total cost of the rental. This is the total cost of renting the car in this time period and with the amount of kilometers you have included. 

    The owners of the car sets the rental price themselves, and has no deciding influence on the price they chose.  


    Kilometers included

    We have a standard amount of kilometers included in the rentals.

    - Shorter rentals (3-8 hours) include 20 kilometers, pluss 20 kilometers per hour.   

    - Longer rentals include 200 kilometers per day. 

    - Max amount of kilometers included in each rental is 1200 kilometeres. 

    For ever kilometer driven that exceeds the included mileage you will be charged a pre-decided amount that is specified in the cars ad-page. This amount can vary from 1 NOK to 6 NOK. 

    Before you send a request you will see the price for the rental and the amount of kilometers included in the rental. When you register the car as returned you will see if you have been charged for extra kilometers, and if so how much. 

  • What are the requirements to rent a car?

    To renter a car on you need to fulfill the following requirements:

    • Have a valid class B driver's licence
    • Pass our credit check conducted by Bisnode (minimum score 19/100)
    • Be minimum 20 years old to rent ordinary cars
    • Be minimum 30 years old to rent cars with more than 250 hp
    • Verify your id through BankID or driver's licence and passport
    • Have your phone number verified via SMS
    • Renters in ages below 26 has to pay a young driver fee of 100NOK per day. 

    NB: maintain the right to decline you as a renter, even though you meet all the requirements above.

    Nabobil has temporarily changed its policies regarding verification of driving licences not issued in the Nordic countries (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland). If your driving licence is issued in any other country you will not be able to rent cars through Nabobil.

    If someone who does not qualify to rent a car based on these terms but rents one anyway the rental will be cancelled immediately and the renter will not get their money back.



  • How do I cancel a rental request?

    You cannot cancel a request, but the request will automatically expire within 24 hours if the car owner does not reject it. Please be aware that there is no valid reservation until the rental has been paid for by you through You can send out multiple requests at the same time and choose the offer you want by paying for it.