• How do I pay for my reservation?

    You can pay for the rental after your request has been accepted by the car owner. Click 'Pay' to complete the booking. The amount will be charged to your payment card, and you are ready to start the rental!

    If you have a coupon code, click 'I have a coupon code':

    The payment is now completed!

    Remember to fill out the pick up form at the beginning of your rental.

    Take note that additional costs will be charged to your payment card when delivering the car. Additional costs includes excessing permitted mileage, parking tickets, lack of refueling etc. Thus, it is important to have available balance on your credit card at the end of the rental.


    Read more about the process of pick up and delivery here.


  • How do I add a coupon code?

    You can add your coupon code when you pay for the rental. Click 'Pay' to see the payment methods.

    Click 'I have a coupon code' and type in your code. Next, click 'Pay' to complete the transaction. You will be informed if the coupon code is invalid. 

    To ensure that the coupon code was activated, click on your profile picture and then click 'Show account credit'. 


  • Will I get a receipt of my payment?

    You will get an email with the receipt when the car is registered as delivered in our systems. The receipt will also be available to the car owner.

    An example of a receipt is illustrated below: