It is the renters responsibility to fill in the acquired road tax amount troughout the rental period in the delivery form. The renter can either use the automatic toll fee tracker or do it manually with help of the road tax calculator (in Norwegian). The amount that the renter reports in the form will be paid when the form is completed with the rest of the rental. There is no administration fee on toll fees.  

If the renter is unsure of the toll fee amount, you as a the car owner can send us a screenshot/ invoice of the toll passings and we will charge the amount afterwards. 


Automatic toll fee tracking

There are only two steps to follow:

1. Download the Nabobil app

The Nabobil-app has now gotten even smarter and can track your toll passings on its own.  You can download the newest version of the app here: Android or iOS Apple

2. Allow tracking information

If you allow tracking through the app it will register all of the toll passings and calculate the amount. 

This is how the tracking works

When you download the app it will ask you to allow tracking whilst driving. If you press "no" by mistake, you can change this in Settings and Location Services on your phone. 

The tracking is only active during the rental period and will only track driving, not walking. You can turn it off whenever you like.  

Attention: This tracking is not always 100% accurate. If your phone runs out of power or is without service you will miss a few toll passings. The app will still try and calculate the amount based on the road driven and will serve as a good estimate.