Keyless banner
The car owner leaves the key in the glove compartment of the car and locks it with the app
The renter unlocks the car with the app and uses the key as usual during the hire
The renter leaves the key back in the glove compartment and unlocks the car with the app


  • Simplifies the process of renting out your car
  • Allows you to accept requests when you are out of town
  • Increased accessibility allows you to rent out twice as much


  • Free installation
  • 299 NOK per month

Suitable for all cars?

  • The car cannot be older than ten years
  • The car’s mileage must be below 150 000
  • Central locking system is required

You're in control

You control when and to whom your car is to be rented out to. The car is covered by our 1 million NOK insurance.

Bank ID and credit score check

We make sure every user has good intentions. All users have to verify their identity and credit score with BankID.

Pictures before and after

The renter takes pictures of the car before and after the rental period. The pictures will be uploaded to the app.

Ignition lock

When the car is locked with the app, the system's ignition lock is activated. This ensures the car against theft even if the key is in the car.

Satisfied car owners

Nabobil Keyless is now installed in over 50 cars and doubled the revenue after the installation. Car owners are praising both the technology and their new rental experience.

Insurance up to 1 Million included

Insurance is included in the rental price and is automatically added in all rental agreements for both the renter and the owner. Damages are covered up to kr 1,000,000.

No deductible for the owner