Make money on your car

I make more than 7000 kr per month renting out just one car, so I easily earn money despite the all the costs that comes from owning a car.

– Audun, Oslo

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How does it work?

8000 cars
600 keyless cars
195000 users

Register your car at

Your car can be ready for rentals in 5 minutes. You'll need BankID, registration number and photos to get started.

Receive bookings

You will get requests from renters to book your car. Your cars availability can easily be adjusted.

Pickup and delivery

Photos, fuel level and current mileage is documented by renter. If your car is keyless you won't need to be meet with the renter.

Receive money

You'll receive money within 5 days after a completed rental - including payments for excess mileage or lack of re-fuelling.

Get more rentals with keyless

If you prefer that renters open and close your car with the app, report your interest when registering your car. We will contact you to with more information and to find a suitable time for installation.

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Fast installation

Our certified professionals will, in under to hours and for free, install a hidden box within your car.


Secure unlock/lock solution

Your car is as secure as before the installation, but can now be locked and unlocked from a smartphone.


Your car can be located by renters using the app

Our mobile app will navigate the renter to your car. Then the renter takes care of the rest.

Satisfied owners

Keyless has been installed in 500 cars so far that are rented more than twice as much as other cars. As an owner you can rent your car without even being present at the takeover. The renter can easily handle the entire rental in the Nabobil app.

Insurance up to 1 Million included

Insurance is included in the rental price and is automatically added in all rental agreements for both the renter and the owner. Damages are covered up to kr 1,000,000.

No deductible for the owner