Let your car work for you

Is your car standing unused most days? Do like 5500 others, make money from your car by renting it out to your neighbour.

Register your car

Insurance up to 1 Million included

Insurance is included in the rental price and is automatically added in all rental agreements for both the renter and the owner. Damages are covered up to kr 1,000,000.

No deductible for the owner

Let the car handle the bills

Owning a car gets considerably cheaper if you rent it out a couple of days a week. It can even become a source of income. Our car owners have earned more than 100 million NOK!

High demand all over Norway

Our car-owners gets hundreds of requests every day from all parts of Norway. List your car today, and chances are that someone rents it tomorrow.

You are covered

All renters and car-owners are covered by our 1 million NOK insurance. There are no excess for the car-owners.

Smart car owners

Our car owners earn money from their car when they’re not using it themselves. They give us positive feedback on the insurance contract as well as the technical solution. This is probably why they’ve rented out their cars more than 130 000 times?

You're in control

You control when and to whom your car is to be rented out to. The car is covered by our 1 million NOK insurance.

Bank ID and credit score check

We make sure every user has good intentions. All users have to verify their identity and credit score with BankID.

More than 6500 listings

Sharing is smart. More than 6 000 car owners in 200 municipalities in Norway have shared their car. You are not the only one being smart about making money from your car!

List your car. Earn up to 80 000 NOK/year

Register your car

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