Let your car work for you

I make more than 7000 kr per month renting out just one car, so I easily earn money despite the all the costs that comes from owning a car.
– Audun, Oslo

How does it work?

9000 cars
1200 keyless cars
285000 users
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List your car at nabobil.no

Your car can be ready for rentals in 5 minutes. You'll need BankID, registration number and photos to get started.

Receive bookings

You will get requests from renters to book your car. Your cars availability can easily be adjusted.

Pickup and delivery

Photos, fuel level and current mileage is documented by the renter. If your car is keyless you won't need to meet with the renter.

Receive money

You'll receive money within 5 days after a completed rental - including payments for excess mileage or lack of re-fueling.

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Fast installation

Our certified professionals will, in under to hours and for free, install a hidden box within your car.


Secure unlock/lock solution

Your car is as secure as before the installation, but can now be locked and unlocked from a smartphone.


Your car can be located by renters using the app

Our mobile app will navigate the renter to your car. Then the renter takes care of the rest.

Smart car owners

Our car owners earn money from their car when they’re not using it themselves. They give us positive feedback on the insurance contract as well as the technical solution. This is probably why they’ve rented out their cars more than 45 000 times?


Price and mileage

The system will provide you with a price suggestion, but the actual rental price, as well as the included mileage, is up to you to decide. You can also set a price for excess mileage.

Car requirements

Private cars and vans with a weight less than 3 500kg. The vehicle must be less than 10 years of age, and have a valid registration number, and its mileage needs to be less than 300 000 km. (For Nabobil Keyless the requirements are max 10 yrs and 150 000 km).


When you receive a request, you can either accept or decline it. You can set it up so that all requests are automatically accepted, this will make your vehicle more visible and increase your number of rentals. (The car’s availability can be controlled using the calendar).

Owner responsibilities

Respond to requests and make sure that your car is clean and tidy. Unless you have Nabobil Keyless, you’ll need to meet up with the renter for the key exchange. Before each rental, you should document each side of the vehicle with photos, so that you’re prepared if there is an incident.

Extension and cancellation

Renters can request to extend the rental period, the request can be accepted or declined by the owner. Both owner and renter have the possibility to cancel the rental according to these terms.

Toll charges, fuelling and fines

The renter is responsible to pay any expenses incurred during the rental.

Who can rent my car?

A renter needs to be 20 years old to rent a car on Nabobil, for vehicles with more that 250hk the age requirement is 30. (Renters are verified with BankID and a credit check before booking a car.)


Rentals are insured by Nabobils partner If. Damages are covered up to kr 1,000,000. If your car needs service due to an incident during a rental, rental car costs will be covered for up to 10 days. Your private insurance will have no change in bonus in for any incident during a rental. (Renter will pay deductible)

Insurance up to 1 Million included

Insurance is included in the rental price and is automatically added in all rental agreements for both the renter and the owner. Damages are covered up to kr 1,000,000.

No deductible for the owner