Frequently asked questions

  • What is included in the rental price?

    Your rental price includes: Your final rental price will depend on several factors, such as the duration of your trip and the cost of insurance (dependent on the car category).

    • Rental price: A rate for the car set by the owner
    • Mileage inlcuded:
      • 1 hour = 40 km.
      • 2 - 8 hours = +20 km. per hour
      • 1 day = 200 km.
      • 2 - 5 days = +200 km. per day
      • 6 -15 days = +100 km. per day
      • max = 2000 km.
    • Insurance & roadside assistance: Full coverage for all trips
    • Nabobil service fee: A small fee that helps us keep the platform running smoothly.

      The rental price does not include:
    • Fuel: If you return the car with less fuel than it had at the start, you’ll be charged for the missing fuel plus a refill fee.
    • Extra mileage: If you drive more than the included mileage, you’ll be charged for the extra.
    • Insurance excess reduction (optional): Add this option to reduce the fees you’d have to pay in case of damage or an accident.
    • Additional fees: You’ll incur extra charges if you return the car late, dirty, or far away from where you were supposed to bring it back.
  • The renters responsibilities

    If the car is damaged 

    If you damage the car during the rental you have to fill out a accident report. It is important that you fill out the damage report as soon as possible after the incident. 


    Refilling fuel

    The renter is responsible for returning the car with same amount of fuel as when the picked up the car. When the renter picks up and returns the car they register the fuel level on a continuum from 0% -100%.  For every 10% they do not refill they will be charged 100 NOK(gas and diesel).

    E.g: If the renter picks up the car with fuel levels at 100% and returns it with fuel levels a 0% they will be charged 1000 NOK. reserves the right to charge the renter for fuel if it turns out they have not refilled the fuel tank and we are sent documentation that confirms this by the owner.

    Cleaning the car 

    The renter is responsible for returning the car in the same condition as when they picked it up. Returning the car in the same condition includes not leaving garbage in the car and that you pay for parking tickets. This also includes washing the car if the car has gotten dirty during the rental. 

    Smoking is prohibited in the cars available for rent at and pets are not permitted unless this is explicitly stated by the owner. reserves the right to charge the renter if the car is not cleaned when it is returned.

    - Exterior wash up to 300,- NOK
    - Interior wash up to 300,- NOK

    For the renters safety we can not charge the renter for this without proper documentation of the expenses.


    Snow tires

    From November 1st to April 8th you have to pay an extra fee for driving with snow tires in Oslo county. There are several cars on that have snow tires and it is important that the renter pays for these fees when they drive in Oslo.

    In some cases the owner has already paid for the fee so we reccomend asking the owner about this before the rental starts.  

    You can find more information regarding snow tire fees here:

  • How much can I earn from renting out my car?

    You can earn extra money on renting out your car when it's not in use. You will receive 80% of the rental price and extra kilometers. 20% goes to cover admin fee for Nabobil. Read more about what the renter pays here

    The costs of road taxes and fuel during the rental period is paid by the renter. 

  • Can I register an extra driver?

    Yes, you can register extra drivers to your rental. This has to be done before your rental starts.

    Once the rental is paid for you can register extra drivers in the chat with the owner on our website or app

    Due to insurance purposes, we only approve verified users. You can find more information about verification here.

  • What are the requirements to rent a car?

    To renter a car on you need to fulfill the following requirements:

    • Have a valid class B driver's licence
    • Pass our credit check conducted by Bisnode (minimum score 19/100)
    • Be minimum 20 years old to rent ordinary cars
    • Be minimum 30 years old to rent cars with more than 250 hp
    • Verify your id through BankID or driver's licence and passport
    • Have your phone number verified via SMS
    • Renters in ages below 26 has to pay a young driver fee of 100NOK per day. 

    NB: maintain the right to decline you as a renter, even though you meet all the requirements above.

    If someone who does not qualify to rent a car based on these terms but rents one anyway the rental will be cancelled immediately and the renter will not get their money back.



  • When do I receive the payout for the rental period?


    You will receive the payout after the delivery form for the rental period has been completed by the renter. This is why it is important that as the car owner you make sure that the renters fill inn the form for pickup and delivery. 

    After the car is registered as delivered it usually takes 3-5 business days before the money is in your account. At the latest two weeks after the rental is complete. We do not disburse money on weekends and holidays . For more information see our terms and conditions section 5 

    To receive the money you have to register you account number, adresse and except the terms and conditions of our payment system (Stripe). You can do this here

    Users that have made more then 10 000 kr will be asked to upload additional id-documentation to Stripe (e.g. drivers license). The picture needs to have a high resolution and be in color.

    If you change your account number please update this on our website so we make sure to transfer the money til the right account. 

    When the renter har completed the rental you will receive an email with a receipt that should give you a full overview of the payment.

  • Insurance deductible

    As a renter you are legally responsible for paying the insurance deductible if the car is damaged during the rental. Note that you will be charged one deductible per incident. 

    Overview of the deductible the renter is responsible for: 

    • Hull damages                 12 000 NOK
    • Liability                           12 000 NOK
    • Fire/theft                         12 000 NOK
    • Glass damages               2 500 NOK

    The owner of the car is not responsible for the deductible. 

    Deductible reduction

    If you want to reduce the deductible you can do this when you pay for the car. When paying for the car you will get three options: 

    • 12 000 NOK deductible (standard, costs 0,- NOK)
    • 6000 NOK deductible (100 kr per day for ordinary cars, 120 kr per day for vans)
    • 2000 NOK deductible (150 kr per day for ordinary cars, 200 kr per day for vans)

    NB! If the kost of repairing the car is lower then the deductible you will only be charged for the cost of repair.

    You can chose to reduce the deductible amount up until you pick up the car.

    (This is a simple translation of the insurance agreements terms and conditions. We have explained it only so that our english speaking users have more insight into their economic responsibility. If there is any discrepancy between the explanation here and the insurance agreement, the understanding in the insurance agreement will stand)

  • Cancellation policy

    Before the rental starts:

    The renter can cancel a rental at no charge, as long as it is more than 24 hours before the rental begins.

    If the renter cancels a reservation between 24 to 12 hours prior to the starting time of your rental agreement, the renter will be charged for up to three days of the rental period.

    E.g.: If the original rental period was 7 days, you will be charged for 3 days, and issued a refund for the remaining 4 days.

    If you cancel when it is less than 12 hours before the rental begins, you will lose the full amount for the first 7 days. If the rental lasts for over a week, you will get refunded for the remaining days.

    Automatic accept:

    If the rental is booked with our automatic accept function the renter can cancel the rental for the first hour after the rental is payed for and as long as it is before pick up time.

    During the rental:

    If you cancel the rental after you have picked up the car you have to pay for the next 7 days after cancellation. The residual amount will be refunded. 

    E.g. If you have rented the car for 4 weeks and after the first week you want to cancel and return the car. You will then have to pay for the next 7 days. As a result you will have paid for 14 days and will get refunded 14 days. 

    Violation of our terms and conditions:

    If you rent the car in violation of our terms for renters and extra drivers the rental will be cancelled immediately and you will not be refunded the money.

  • Why does Nabobil check my credit score?

    We conduct a credit check of all our users and to pass you need to have a minimum score of 19 out of 100. If your credit score is lower then 19 or your credit score is considered to be risky you will not be able to rent cars, rent out your own car or be registered as an extra driver. takes on a great responsibility when a rental agreement is made on the platform. Nabobil commits to collect money for extra costs such as; toll roads, extra kilometeres, fuel, parking, etc. In addition Nabobil is responsible for paying the deductible to the insurance company and later collect the money from the renter responsible for the damage. Based on this Nabobil reserves the right to make a credit assessment of every user. 

    NB!: If you have locked your credit score you have to unlock it before we can do a new check. Bisnode does all of our credit checks and to unlock your credit please contact them at Let us know when you credit is unlocked and we will do a new check.

    Due to privacy laws we can only see if you have passed or not passed our credit check. For questions regarding your credit score you can contact Bisnode.

    Further questions regarding credit assessment contact ut here


  • Changes to the rental

    Extending or changing the date or time of the rental

    We always recommend contacting the owner to make sure that these changes fit in their schedule. If you agree on the changes you can easily change the date and time on our website and app: 

    On our website you can extend the rental by selecting "Change"/"Endre" next to delivery time in the conversation between you and the owner. When you have selected a new delivery time you send a new request to the owner and they can chose to the request or not.

    FYI: You can only extend the rental, not shorten it. If you would like to shorten it you can contact us here.

    In the app you can extend the rental by selecting te "i" in the top right corner of your conversation. There you select "Change"/"Endre" next to the delivery time and you will be able to send the owner a request for an extension.

    NB! The renter is responsible for returning the car on time. It is important to actually change the time and date if you have agreed upon picking the car up or delivering the car at a different time. The insurance is only valid in the time stated on our website, and if you were to damage the car outside of these times you would be held completely responsible.  


    Late delivery

    If the renter returns the car leter the agreed upon without extending the rental they will be charged per extra hour the first 24 hours and after that they will be charged per day. 

    E.g: If the renter returns the car 25 hours later then agreed upon they will be charged for 24 hours and 1 day.  


    The renter want's to cancel the rental

    If the renter wants to cancel the rental during the rental period the can do this in accordance with our terms for cancelling rentals. The renter then has to contact the owner and agree upon a time they can deliver the car.

    If you want to cancel because you are experience trouble with the car and you can not continue driving it we ask that you contact us here.


    The owner wants to cancel the rental

    The owner is allowed to cancel the rental if the renter does not comply with's terms and conditions, the renter could damage the car or the renter is a danger others. If this is the case a representative at Nabobil will contact you with information regarding where and when you have to deliver the car and then rental will be terminated immediately. In this scenario has the right to remove your profile from our website.

    The owner can also cancel the reservation is they suddenly need the car due to an emergency or an other reason. In this case Nabobil will help the renter find a new car if this is needed. 

    Contact here if you have any further questions.