Frequently asked questions

  • What does request, accept, decline, reservation and cancelled mean?

    On you will see that your rental period will have different status depending on where you are in the process. Below you can see an explanation of the different status. 

    • Request: the renter sends a request to the car owner to book the car in the desired rental period. 

    • Accepted: when the car owner receives a rental request he/she can accept if the car is available for rent. 

    • Declined: when the car owner receives a rental request he/she can decline if the car is not available for rent. 

    • Reserved: when the renter receives an accept from the car owner he/she can book and reserve the car by adding their payment details and paying for the rental period. 

    • Cancelled: in case the car owner or renter needs to cancel the rental, the rental will receive status as cancelled. 

    • Picked up: when the renter has registered the pick up form by adding mileage and fuel level of the car.

    • Delivered:when the renter has registered the delivery form by adding toll fees, mileage and fuel level of the car. 
  • What are the renter requirements?

    To renter a car on you need to fulfill the following requirements:

    • Have a valid class B driver's licence
    • Be minimum 20 years old to rent ordinary cars
    • Be minimum 30 years old to rent cars with more than 250 hp
    • Verify your id through BankID or driver's licence and passport
    • Have your phone number verified via SMS

    Renters in ages below 26 has to pay a young driver fee of 100NOK per day. 

    NB: maintain the right to decline you as a renter, even though you meet all the requirements above.

    Nabobil has temporarily changed its policies regarding verification of driving licences not issued in the Nordic countries (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland). If your driving licence is issued in any other country you will not be able to rent cars through Nabobil.

  • When do I receive the payout for the rental period?

    You will receive the payout after the delivery form for the rental period has been completed by the renter. This is why it is important that as the car owner you make sure that the renters fill inn the form for pickup and delivery. If the form has not been filled out you can contact us at with information about the mileage, fuel level and road taxes. 

    Remember to register the account number in your profile that you wish the amount payed to. Make sure that the account number always is updated. 

    After the renter has completed the rental form you will receive a  rental receipt describing your final payout the to the email address registered in your profile. The rental price will be in one transaction and the road taxes, additional mileage and fuel filling will be in one separate transaction. 

  • Why does Nabobil need a credit assessment of me? takes on a great repsonsibility when a rental agreement is made on the platform. Nabobil commits to collect money for extra costs such as; toll roads, extra kilometres, fuel, parking, etc. In addition Nabobil is responsible for paying the deductible to the insurance company and later collect the money from the renter responsible for the damage. Based on this Nabobil reserves the right to make a credit assessment of every user. 

    In case your credit assessment gives you a vary low score and involves a high risk you will not be able to rent out your own car or rent other cars through 

    Further questions regarding credit assessment may be sent to